Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hoodie Samantha

Just try combining samantha skirt by Mainland Heritage and Hoodie by Ria Miranda :)

Sweet mustard

Scarf - GDa'S | Shirt - Zara | Cardigan - Simply Mii | Pants - Fashionistas | UP wedges | Bag from Bali

Hijab Style Inspiration

Iwed - Sanguin Hijabi



Twenty Five

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb...
Alhamdulillah, I'm 25 started from December 23rd 2011. Special thanks to Allah SWT for giving me everything, also thank you to my parents and my family.

- Thank you my lovely bf who is the first one says "Happy Birthday"
- Thank you all of my friends (facebook, twitter, and blog)
- Thank you all of my office mates
- Thank you my best friends "taman kerudung" for your surprise
- Thank you my friend Hudhan for your posting here :)
Taman Kerudung team
I love you all.. <3

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Assalamu'alaikum wr wb

Alhamdulillah, I could fulfill my promise to my bf.. And last weekend was so nice. After class, we went to Taman Anggrek Mall and spent time there.. After that, we decided to watch the movie there, yes, Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol. We love you Agent Hunt <3

OUTFIT : Paris Veil | Unbranded Top | Pants : Cotton Ink | Wedges : Charles and Keith | Necklace : 'Norm

Wohoo... confusing to entitle my post.. So, this is why I give "untitled" for this post.. :D ga kreatif yah.. It doesn't matter lah ya.. :D. And Waw..Taman Anggrek facelift astounding me..it comes with a new Badge, Marvelous Tron that succesfully light up my weekend..

New look of TA, love it

Friday, December 16, 2011

From Blog to Friendship

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb

TGIF!! Thank you it's Friday :) Yeah, In my post here, I promised you to tell you about Deta, yes, I think it is the right time to do it because about 2 weeks ago, I met Deta, and also Dini. Yes, we had a good time last time. So happy, I could met them. Yay!! That time, we decided to come to Pesta Blogger On Off ID at Epicentrum Rasuna. I got the info about Pesta Blogger from Hijup's timeline. Very interested to come because almost all designer who are Hijup's tenant will show there, certainly they will wear their design.

And taraaaa... We met there, although we got a difficult communication there first, because the BB signal was off and we could't send bbm each other and we didn't know each phone number, gooodd.... And after about 30 minutes I waited and no response from the girls, I decided to come to Starbucks Cafe and Alhamdulillaaaaahh I found Dini there, hahaha.. certainly, we had the same thought that Sturbucks is the easier place to find and we hope we meet there and terkabulkaan.. :D After that, we successed to tell Deta that we were at Sturbucks, yes, signal connection was on, but only briefly.
Me, Dini, Deta
That time, for the first time I meet Deta, my blogger friend. I knew Deta from her blog. I have followed her blog already. And I gave a comment in one of her blog post, yes in here. And from it, we know each other. So far we are only talking through bbm and twitter. And my impression after meet her, she's so kind, friendly, and certainly she's more beautiful than her photos.. :* 

We so enjoyed that Saturday, happy happy happy. We tell about our self, our job, laugh together, oohh.. miss that time, and can't wait for the next meeting girls.. :) 

And there are more photos...
Fashion Show by Hijup

Me with Nabil (owner and designer of Nabilia)
Me with Etu (owner and designer of Mainland Heritage)
Me with Ghaida (owner and designer of Gda's
Us :P

 And my outfit that day
Shawl by Moshaict - Long cardi by Dian Pelangi - Blair pants by Nabilia - UP wedges
And once again, can't wait for the next meeting girl.. and remember, we still don't know the phone number each other yaaa.. hehehe :D Miss youu

Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome My December

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb
December was coming!! Counting down for 31 days to the new year 2012. Bismillah... ^^

Unbranded cardigan - Jupiter Skirt by MISLA - Shawl by Dian Pelangi

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I & D at Moshaict Bazaar

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb

I'm shoppaholic!! yes, right, of course, bener, ga salah, hehe, Cewek gitoo, pasti donk hobinya belanja, liat sesuatu yang lucu-lucu maunya pengen dibeli smuanya.. haha,  And, Last week, November, 24th - 27th 2011, Moshaict held the 3rd Moshaict Bazaar. And I decided to come on Saturday, November 26th 2011. Having appointment with my new friend Dini, so I was excited to come with her. And this is why I give tittle "I & D at Moshaict Bazaar" in this post. Hehe, I & D is our initial name. Yes, Dini is my new hijaber friend who knew each other in twitter and blog. We first met in 2nd Moshaict Bazaar and she first greeted me. We had talked in twitter before we met, that time, Dini asked me about Zoey Pants "Mainland Heritage" (You can see the pants here). Unfortunaltely, I forget the detail of convertation. :D. Oyaa.. Actually, we had appointment with Deta too, but, so sad, she couldn't come. I will tell about Deta in my next post, Insya Allah....

Me and Dini
Ok, after we met in 2nd Moshaict Bazaar, we never meet again, And yes, we only have a talk through twitter, blog and bbm. And the second meeting was last week at 3rb Moshaict Bazaar. My first impression about her is friendly and humble. And she is beautiful and very tall, as you read in her post, yes, She is 172 cm tall, aje gileee.. mana gitu dia pake heels 9 cm waktu itu, sementara aku cuma pake teplek.. tenggelam deh aku.. hahaha..
But, I'm so happy because we could have met last time, and can't wait for next our meeting this week... not only with Dini but with Deta also. Yay!! Senaaaanngg... :D

Ok, There are some pictures of us :D

Fika (owner and designer of Nabilia), me, Dini

Me, Dini, Mba Ayu (owner and designer of Delisha)

suasana bazaar

Dini's outfit (Summer top by Nabilia - Palazzo Pants by Gda's - Reversible Shawl by Delisha)

My outfit (unbranded cardigan  - Hareem by Ria Miranda - Shawl by Nabilia - Necklace by 'Norm)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hijabers Community at Urban Fest 2011

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb

Hi World... how are youuu.. :) Wow, so happy because about two weeks ago I went to Urban Festival 2011 at Ancol Jakarta, yes, I get the information from Hijabers Community (HC) timeline. HC opened a stand there, and opened registration for their members. Uhuuuyy.. interesting, but again, I didn't have any friend to go there.. Hiks.. Oh no, actually, wulan had asked me to go there together, but she went with her husband, so we had to meet a person there. Yah, berangkat tetep aja sendirian. :( But, Finally, I asked my boyfriend to accompany me to go there, and yes.. He want to.. Finally we left at 3 pm, and unfortunately Wulan already home.. :( (Gagal ketemu lagi kita ) Arriving there, I met Kara, Kita cipika cipiki, "Inget aku ga Kara" she said : "Inget donk, kamu kan yang beli bajuku" Eaaaa.. yes, I'm shoppaholic.. hehe Nice to meet you Kara.. :D

And these are photos that my boyfriend took.

 And What I wore..

Zoey pants by Mainland - Shawl by MISLA - Unbranded Shirt

Monday, November 14, 2011

Me and Mine

Aluyya Jumpsuit, Aluyya Scarf, UP Wedges
Me : Fotoin donk ay
Him : x_x
Me : (nyerahin kamera)
Me : (pose)
satu... dua... tiga...
Him : Nih (sambil nyerahin kamera) aq keliatan yah, masa motoin terus tapi ga pernah nongol di foto..
Me : -_-'

Pasti agak-agak gimana gitu yah, kalo cowok yang satu ini dimintain tolong buat motoin.. haha.. ya wis, gak apa-apa deh, sekali-kali nongol di foto aku.. thanks anyway Ay.. :*


Zilha's wedding


Zilha, my new friend who met in one of HC's event. So happy, because yesterday, 12-11-2011 dia menikaaaahh.. akhirnya hari itu tiba juga, sudah niat bakal dateng ke acara nikahannya, kebetulan sabtu kemarin libur kuliah, jadi rencana sama Iwed dana Nita buat dateng mulai acara akadnya pun terlaksana. Jam 6 pagi aku udah mandi nih, siap-siap buat berangkat jam setengah 8 awalnya. Tapi, karna aku dan Iwed udah siap jam 7, jadilah kita berangkat jam 7. Tumben amat sih yah, biasanya kalo janjian2 gitu pasti ngaret, ini kenapa pada cepet yah.. hihi.. baiklah, cap cuslah kita berangkat naksi, eh aq kira tempatnya jauh, ternyata deket euy dari Slipi, tau gitu naik busway... hehehe, gak dink, kalo naik busway mah, dari shelter busway ke tempatnya mah harus jalan jauh, same aje.. jam setengah 8, sampe kita berdua di tempatnya. Tinggal nungguin Nita nih yang belum dateng. Jadi si Iwed, punya inisiatif tanya dimana Zilha make up-an, eh ternyata, tempatnya ga jauh juga dari tepat kita berdiri dan tanya. Owalaah.. dari tadi kita sliweran di depan tempat itu, ternyata eh ternyata.. Dan, bertemulah kita ama si cantik Zilha, pertama kali ketemu aq tanya "Zilha, gmn?deg-degan yah?" dia jawab dengan polosnya "Belum" Glodak! Dan setelah itu datanglah temen-temen Zilha lainnya dan tentu saja Nita. Dan inilah foto-foto kita saat disana... check it out

Nita, Iwed, Me, Zilha
Me and Iim

Nita dan suaminya

Dan waktu resepsi, akhirnya datang juga Sisi, pengantin baru kita, yang Nikah seminggu sebelum nikahan Zilha, sayang, waktu itu ga bisa dateng ke acara nikahannnya Sisi, karena harus kuliah... :( Maapkeun Sisi, sedih kemarin juga ketemu cuma sebentar karena jadwal kondangan pengantin baru ini juga banyak.. hehe

Sisi dan suaminya

lengkap berempat.. yay!
And last, what I wore that day..

oops ada yang ketinggalan, mana foto pengantennya??hihi, sampe lupa gara-gara sibuk ngatur foto yang lain, haha... Nih foto raja dan ratu sehari itu..
Aiman dan Zilha
Thank you, dan doakan saya cepat menyusulmu Zilha and Sisi... :*