Saturday, August 27, 2011

Red hits grey

Yay... Finally I am updating my blog at my home sweet home. And, now I wanna share more picture that my boyf and I took when we were at Soehat Airport. Yes, when we're on our way to Malang. Just wait and wait when the flight was delayed until 2 hours, hmmm.. Of course, the pictures are picture of us not the picture of airport that time. Dasar narsis! :P ok, let's go!!

Shawl : Shabilla - Basic Ninja : Jenahara - Batwing cardi - Zoey pants : Mainland Heritage - UP wedges

Agak nabrak yah, baju abu tapi sepatu merah. hahaha. still confidence of it girls. The importance is u feel comfortable with this. :D. And Yes, Shawl, Basic Ninja, Cardigan, Zoey Pants, and Wedges are comfortable for mudik. Zoey pant is the pant that make u look feminin although u wear pant. Wearing Basic Ninja is so comfortable because ga rempong karena baju menyatu dengan inner ninja. And my stella is so comfortable because ga capek dipake jalan jauh dan lama.
And that's all my opinion. hehe

"Ngemper" time when we waited the flight was delayed

My boyf is my photographer that day. Thank you hun.. :*

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Purple covered me

Lagi iseng, lagi genit, editannya jadi genit juga.. :). Just wanna share my outfit tommorow when I was having fun with my mates.. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

NonieQ Photo Contest

Oh No!! Photo Contest again.. hihi, Yes, I love joining photo contest like crazy right now, as my impingement of my disappointment with Photo Contest before Yes, it is because after I become one of five Winner of JENAHARA Photo Contest. You can see here. Congratz to me, applause to me *prok prok* hehe

And After I read Deta's Blog in this post. I interested to join too. Yes, NonieQ Photo Contest. I do not expect too much to win this contest, I'm just happy to participate this contest. Yes, I'm happy and satisfied even though I lost. Moreover, Photos of the other contestant are better than me.

And there is the story behind. As you can read the rule that we have to send two photos or more than two. Finally, I send three photos. One photo is separate with the other photos, not combined. I send it in the same day with Sisi. Yes, Sisi joined this too. hehe. And That night, Sisi's photos was uploaded at NonieQ Fanpage. And mine? I dont know where they were. hehe. Yes, That's mean my photos did not qualify. ooohhh.. poor me. hehe. It doens't matter I think. But I'm curious whats wrong with my photos. Finally, I send it again, of course I send different photo and they are combined become one photo. (tidak tahu malu ya saya, hehe). And Sisi sent me BBM, she said my photo was uploaded!! yay!! Loloooosss.. :D

Here my photo is
I grab it from NonieQ Fan Page
If you like my photo, jangan sungkan-sungkan yah.. hihihhi. First you may "Like" Nonieq Fan Page and then give your thumb to my photo.  And here, you can see the other beautiful muslimah who join this contest and dont forget give your thumb to them too. Oke.. :D
And specially, I vote Sisi and Deta to win this contest, So "like" their photo too yaaaa..
After you "Like" NonieQ Photo Contest, "Like" Sisi's photo and Deta's
Sisi - I grab it from NonieQ Fanpage

Deta - I grab it from NonieQ Fan Page
So, Thank you friends.. I love you All.. muaaacchhhh

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Photoshot at JCC

Yay!! Finally I met them again!! who are they? they are Sisi, Nita, and Iwed. My lovely friends whom I know from HC's activity. And last Sunday, we met at JCC Senayan. We met specially of course for do photo season. hehe.. The Complete Us are Iwed as our photographer, while Sisi, Nita, and I as the models. hihi. But Iwed can be the model too, even she does better than three of us. And who is the other photographer?? yes, she is Nita who take photos of Iwed :D
Oke, There are our photos that taken from Iwed's camera.

Me X_X

I like this photo so muchhhh...

Ria Miranda Photo Contest

Hi,, ^^
How are you world? long time no see my blog.. hehe. I just wanna tell you that me and Sisi joined Ria Miranda Photo Contest named "Lovely Friendship Photo Contest" that has already uploaded in Ria Miranda Fan page. And there would be two best photos, first one would be determined from the amount of "Like" and second one would be selected by jury. And One Couple can send one photo only but I don't know why, until I write this, There are 3 couple that have double photos. Ooohh.. Whatever how it happened, the most important that I have to keep the spirit to win this contest. hehe.

So friends, I need your support with giving your "Like" to my photos. Actually, I hate, very hate, hateeeee the photos contest that the amount of "Like" is indicator to win the contest.
Oke, If you do not mind, First you may "Like" Ria Miranda Fan page in here, and second you may "Like" my photo in here.

This is my photo with Sisi... :)

And That I wore
Shawl cardigan by Kami Idea | Hareem by Ria Miranda | UP wedges
Yuhuuuuu... do not forget to say many thanks to our profesional photographer Iwed who take this photo. :*
And many thank you for you who have already took your time to read this post and of course my complaint. :') and you who do not mind to give your thumb to my photo.. Thank you so much darlaaaa... Doakan kami yaaahh... Semangaaattt!!