Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hijab Class HC I

Sepertinya moment ini sudah berlangsung kira-kira 1 bulan yang lalu yah, sebenernya niat ngepost di blog juga baru hari ini, coz my new friend,Dinda gave me 2 photos when Hijab Class 1 month ago. Karena lama juga ga edit-edit poto, ya apa salahnya kalo dishare di blog. Hihihi, yuk monggo diliat foto2 yang berhasil aq kumpulin, meskipun cuma sedikit, hehe.....

Special Thanks to Dinda for giving me these picture.. :*

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I love purple!!

Yay, finally I got my modem back, because, now, I love blogging and I can reach it only at my office, so I decided to save my modem, so that I can read another blog and post my blog at home, hihi
Wow, now I wanna show you the purple combination..



What do u like better?? hihi, I like both of them because I love purple so muchhh....

Monday, May 16, 2011

In The Monday Morning

Yeahh... This is a long long holiday that I have to spend with the quality activity, but I didn't it. hihi :P. So, I tought so hard, what I want share to my blog. And inadvertenly, I asked to my boy to take my picture. And  check the results out....

Hihi... I'm so sorry cause I didn't wear my shoes, hihi.. it's called "nyeker" mode. Thank you to my boy for taking my picture although it was just have taken with hisphone BB camera. hehe. <3